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Welcome to the Casinos For guide to playing video poker online for real money.

Video poker was first introduced to casinos in the 1970s but it was not until the 1980s and the emergence of video games that the game really took off.

There was wariness about computer technology and how fair certain games would be but before too long, people realized that video poker games provided a fair and exciting option for poker players.

Below you will find the best online casinos for video poker games, as well as, rules and strategy for winning money at online video poker.

The computer technology utilized in these machines has helped video poker make a seamless transition to online video poker.

These games are found on every casino site and are making the transition to mobile casino gaming too.

The pay-outs are clearly listed on the machine or on the welcome screen and online video poker provides players with the chance to utilize their poker skills without needing to engage or interact with other poker players.

For those who are intimidated by other players or lack bluffing skills, video poker can provide a great alternative to poker at a traditional poker table.

Video Poker can be described as a combination of 5 card draw poker and a slot machine: the machine deals you five cards and you choose which cards to keep and which to discard.

Then those cards are replaces and you get paid according to the game’s payoff table.

The Video Poker Game Varieties include: : Although it looks a lot like slots, Video Poker is based partly on skill rather than pure luck.

Based on the payoff tables and the game’s specifics you can increase your winnings simply by discarding the right cards and playing strategically.